4th of July Holiday

One of the reasons we homeschool year round is because home education is a 24/7 thing. We are life learners!

So, turning off our brains or reducing the love of learning for a couple of months does not work for us.

In preparation for the #fourthofjuly we got some books from the library and we are learning some facts about the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution.

What books are you reading in your homeschool?

Exploding Apples 🍎

Last year, we started somewhat of a tradition of doing DIY science experiments on the weekends. Some we recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel. Others happened so fast I couldn’t even pick up the camera. We get ideas from many sources. Most online. The bending light experiment was taken from one of our science workbooks. dscn0631.jpg

Thankfully we have also been receiving and making use of our monthly subscription to Kiwi Co. The Tinker Crate science kits are hands-on and have a heavy focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering & mathematics).

To get back on top of things I wanted to find another quick DIY experiment. So this past weekend, I found this exploding apple experiment on Pinterest. It is very simple to do and clean up is quick.

*I did not measure when we did it the first time but it might be beneficial to do so.


  • 1 apple
  • 1/2 cup vinegar
  • 2 tablespoonfuls of baking soda

Watch the video here to see how it works!


Do you like to do science experiments with your kids? Let me know your favorites!

Playing Sports and Homeschool

This school year my son has played soccer, basketball, nerf dodgeball and some other sports through a sports program for homeschoolers k-12. Each month the kids learn skills and techniques and play on age appropriate teams.

Next month is hand ball…

I’ve played hand ball several times in the past and I know he will enjoy its intensity and fast pace.

We received some information about the sport from our sports program. I thought these would be nice to share.

Field Handball provides a full body workout:  Apart from the aerobic benefit, the fast-paced game of handball helps to build up muscle tone and strength. All of the jumping, turning and throwing the ball means most muscles are getting a vigorous workout.

It also:

  • Increases cardiovascular endurance:  This helps increase the heart rate and boost aerobic endurance.

• Teaches agility: Develops agility of hands and feet, with sudden changes of pace and direction required.

• Improves mental focus and self-confidence: Being successful is 95% mental and 5% physical. Playing field handballwill help to develop both and decisions need to be made quickly.

• Heart healthy: Provides the body with a good cardiovascular workout, feeding more oxygen to the muscles via thebloodstream.

• Calorie and fat burning: A University of Utah study showed field handball to be superior to racquetball in burning calories.

• Develops hand-eye coordination: Learning to anticipate where the ball will end up isn’t easy. Timing and technique are everything.

• Teaches the player to be balanced and agile on both sides of the body: Field handball develops and sustains muscles on both sides of the body because players use both hands. Players will develop coordination and power in their non-dominant, or “off,” hand.

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