Mommy Guilt – Migraines Suck

When I woke up this morning around 5am, I had a terrible migraine. I tried to do my usual routine of taking my medicine and showering in steaming hot water to relax my muscles. I tried to get my day started early so that I could be well enough to deal with my son. MyContinue reading “Mommy Guilt – Migraines Suck”

Cooking with the Family

My husband and I have had this running joke for years- his best dish is spaghetti. That’s because, besides cereal, it’s the only thing he cooks. It’s delicious and while I’m sure he and my son could eat this dish all day every day, I simply cannot. For my husband, standing in the heat is notContinue reading “Cooking with the Family”

Motivation Mondays – Meditation

 For those of you who don’t know already, meditation has many benefits. Studies show that meditation can basically help by resetting  the nervous system. Did you know that people with Fibromyalgia and Psoriasis have been using meditation as a form of treatment and it has shown significant improvements? It can help get rid of badContinue reading “Motivation Mondays – Meditation”