Why We Homeschool?


“Children are, by nature and from birth, very curious about the world around them, and very energetic, resourceful and competent in exploring it, finding out about it, and master it. In short, much more eager to learn, and much better at learning than most adults.”  

-John Holt- 

Some of our biggest fears before starting public school in Kindergarten were safety issues and social distractions.  Oddly, those were not the reasons we decided to homeschool. His nutrition was one of the first things we noticed that was suffering during his first weeks in Kindergarten. He came home hungry way too often from school -despite the fact that I packed his lunch every day.

One day I had an urge; you can call it mother’s intuition to visit his school during the lunch period. When I got to the cafeteria,  I noticed only some of the kids were eating, and the rest were chatting away -my son included. The teachers and volunteers seemed to be trying to control noisy children and help kids when they could. Witnessing that did not sit well with me. I was concerned about the food issue but I knew we could feed him a heavier breakfast. So that is what we tried to do …

Nevertheless, about a week or so later my husband and I attended a parent-teacher conference. Everything seemed to be going well until I happen to glance at the board of schoolwork displayed. I was bothered that my son’s work wasn’t completed. The teacher said most days he just didn’t have enough time to finish. But she insisted it wasn’t an issue; which is why she did not bring it up.

 It was winter break of 2014 that our family decided to start homeschooling.



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