Free Educational Resources


Discover Ancient Egypt 

Kids Health

Study Jams- Science

San Diego Zoo

Antartica – Ice and Sky



Girls Health

Biology Place

Geography An educational resource for world maps, atlases, and in-depth geography information.

Sheppard Software – World Continents Interactive games to teach you continents, oceans, countries, capitals, & landscapes.

Digging America A free map quiz game that will teach you countries, cities and other geographic locations all over the world.

Print Maps Print free maps large or small; from 1 page to almost 7 feet across. For classroom and student use.

Kids Geo


The Color

Storyboard That

Make Beliefs Comix

Sesame Street – Art Maker

Activity Village

Art Pad

Kinder Art

School Crafts


Teoria -Piano Tutorials

Virtual Drumming

Tone Savy

Music Tech Teacher

Piano Lessons

Hoffman Academy 

The Piano Player

DSO Kids

Classics For Kids

Quaver Music

Global Groovin’

Music Learning Community

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