When it rains it snows

Well, at least that’s how Google says it works…

Watching the rain is so therapeutic and peaceful. I have to admit, when I lived on the East Coast, I took rain for granted. Where I live, we are lucky to get over 60 days of rain a year! California experiences a drought every year. The wildfires have been insane, this rain was needed.

It never fails. My son loves to play in the puddles when it rains.

This year we were on the lookout for the rain because we knew we wanted to play in the snow.

Big Bear is not too far from us and that is our destination for all things snow related. Today we took a short trip up the mountains and had fun for a few hours.

We should have brought gloves. My son was fine but of course, we are the parents and should know better!

Next time…

4th of July Holiday

One of the reasons we homeschool year round is because home education is a 24/7 thing. We are life learners!

So, turning off our brains or reducing the love of learning for a couple of months does not work for us.

In preparation for the #fourthofjuly we got some books from the library and we are learning some facts about the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution.

What books are you reading in your homeschool?

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