2018 – 2019 Homeschool Curriculum






Social Studies


Fix it Grammar
Building Spelling Skills
Non Fiction Writing
Handwriting Cursive
Spectrum Writing


Spectrum Reading




We also use other sites for learning which can be found on our free educational resources page.

Want to see what the curriculum looks like?

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April Homeschool Haul

Being a homeschool mom has opened my eyes to so many different ways of teaching and learning. And I love it! Traditional bookstores like Barnes and Noble have educational material for kids of all ages. So, it is not difficult to find books or toys that encourage learning. They seem to have products for summer break practice and other learning materials. Growing up, that is what I was used to.

But it can be overwhelming to if you have too many choices so I understand why some stores don’t provide a lot. After we decided to homeschool, I learned about school supply stores that were open to the public. The first one I visited was a Godsend. At CM School Supply, they sell everything from reading books, teacher resources, books, furniture, games, musical instruments arts & crafts and so much more. Amazingly, we found out about our current homeschooling option from this store.

Lakeshore Learning is also another one of my favorite places to shop for instructional materials, and homeschool curriculum. They have the similar options as CM School Supply but I think they have more in terms of STEM activities and active play options. Recently we purchased a few items to add to our curriculum.

Our latest haul includes:

  1. Can Do! Solar System Game
  2. Can Do! Human Body Game
  3. Vocabulary Journal
  4. Common Core Problem Solving Journal
  5. Daily Math Practice Journal
  6. Correct the Sentence Daily Journal
  7. Ghanian Woven Rattles (not pictured)
  8. Solar System Floor Puzzle (not pictured)
  9. Roll-On Painter Markers
  10. Grade 3 Book Reading Set

Have you used any of these in your homeschool?

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