Revlon Photo Ready Air Brush Effect Makeup

I decided to take some time and really try to find a reputable drugstore cosmetic brand and try out their foundation line. Recently I saw a commercial with Halle Berry featured and she was advertising for a “flawless look” foundation. Her skin looked so creamy and dewy. It made me want to try it out.

If Halle Berry can wear it then why not!?


The Revlon Photo Ready Air Brush Effect foundation comes in 12 shades. About 8 of these shades were at my drugstore. I tried two different shades of this foundation, rich ginger and caramel. I applied the product with a beauty blender. The smell is just awful. I really didn’t even want to put it on my face. Both shades were completely WRONG for me. One obvious difference I noticed was that the Rich Ginger made my face look more “washed” out and ghostly than the caramel shade. For a medium coverage foundation, I guess it did a good job at covering up a few dark spots I have. But not in a way that looked remotely natural on my face.

I like the pump feature but after using it I noticed the amount coming out is not consistent. Without a doubt, the worst part about this product is that it made my face sparkle like a disco ball. The glitter could be seen from in a mile away on my face. Now, after reading some reviews online, it seems many others have had similar experiences. I returned both bottles and decided to stick with my tinted moisturizer from E.L.F cosmetics.

My advice is to save your money. Skip this product at the makeup counter!

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