Sunday Dinner – Proud Wife 

Sunday dinner has been a special tradition in my family since I was a kid. I remember my great grandparents -who I lived with for a time, always making sure we were together in the evenings. No matter what our hectic schedules were, we would get together and do this regularly. As a single mom, my mom tried to have Sunday dinner as a family as well. I can’t say she did this every week growing up, but it was enough times to see a value in it. Since being married, I have kept up pretty well with our traditional Sunday dinners. However, recently my hubby decided he wanted to master more than one dish. So, he is taking over Sunday dinners for a while. Most nights, dinner is ready for him when he gets home since he works during he week. Sunday tends to be my day to relax. It also allows him time to lookup recipes and prepare a meal without being rushed. This week he made baked chicken thighs with green beans and buttered white rice. He even cleaned the chicken and trimmed the fat! I must say I was impressed. It all turned out amazing. The chicken was flavorful, moist and delicious. The sides were cooked perfectly. Im sure he will be making this again for us very soon. I am definitely a fan of this Sunday dinner 🙂 


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