Finding Peace Through Meditation


For those of you who don’t know already, meditation has many health benefits. Studies show that meditation can heal by resetting the nervous system. In fact, people with Fibromyalgia and Psoriasis have been using meditation as a form of treatment and it has shown significant improvements. Most people meditate to clear their minds and get rid of unwanted thoughts and feelings. I know several people who meditate regularly. My husband has tried several times over the last two years to get me to meditate. He has a daily routine. At first I’ll admit I thought he was just going through a phase. But it stuck. He loves the feeling after.

He uses the more traditional technique, called Transcendental Meditation. Which uses a mantra (word or phrase) to calm his internal thoughts. If you are a beginner to meditation, experts say TM would probably be best to try first. This may be true, but it doesn’t work for me. I guess everyone is unique and our minds operate differently as a result.

The primary reason for me starting to meditate was to relieve physical and emotional tensions in my body that often causes my migraines. I have seen many doctors over the years and have been given numerous prescription drugs. Muscle relaxers, anti-depressants, and other painkillers do not work without incapacitating me. Thankfully, I can honestly say I have seen a vast improvement in my condition since starting meditating a year ago. It has definitely helped to reduce my stress level and lower my anxiety. Surprisingly, my memory has improved as well as my patience. Most importantly, my spirituality has grown, and I have become more grateful of my life in its current state.

From personal experience, positive thinking, a noise-free environment, and an open mind are all you need to start meditating. If difficulties arise early on, try to focus on your breathing instead of a phrase or Mantra. Take deep breaths to help you concentrate and achieve balance. Each breath can help connect you to your higher self. Surprisingly, even if thoughts are running in my head non-stop, I can still focus on my breath and get back to my “safe spot” and/or happy place. Another way to meditate is to focus your attention on different body parts. Start at your feet and go up the legs relaxing the muscles as you continue. Next, go to the stomach and chest. When finished, you will end at the top of your head. The goal is to go through the body’s seven chakras. Essentially this technique is called a chakra alignment meditation. However you decide to meditate, just know that it will help calm your entire body and create serenity. Lately, I have been very conscious of my posture, therefore I like also to take this time to strengthen my back and core when inhaling and exhaling which can actually help keep you centered.

Remember to do what works for you. Keep at it! Try every day until it feels comfortable or more natural, even if it’s 5 minutes a day.

Peace & Love 🙂

One thought on “Finding Peace Through Meditation

  1. Improved memory and more patience is something I could definitely use. Haha.
    I’ve been looking into trying meditation but wasn’t sure how to start, thanks for the info! Great post. 🙂

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