Parental Influence

We grow up to rely on our parents or authority to show us what is right and wrong. Their opinions and dreams for our lives often become our own. But as we grow older and our lives change, so do our priorities and views on life. Because kids grow up to crave their parents satisfaction or affirmation, they often do what their parents say without hesitation. I have to admit, I was never really one of those kids.

I wasn’t a “bad” kid, but I had what you call a “bad attitude.” I stood up for myself the best I could. I used my words and my wits to let people know… DO NOT MESS WITH ME!

My son being born was one of the most life-changing events in my life. When I became a mother, I realized what it meant to be a parent. Unfortunately, it forced me to come to a deeper realization of my own parents actions. Discretion was always a big deal in my house growing up. Everything was supposed to be kept hush-hush and never discussed. As an adult, I now know how traumatizing that was.

Resentment builds, rage happens and feelings get hurt. We implement open communication in my house now. Because I promised myself early on that my son would receive some of the things I didn’t have growing up: honesty and compassion. 

You may need to distance yourself from people or situations that are negatively influencing you until you’re strong enough to be around them. Letting go is not easy, especially if it is a family member or close friend. It may even be your pastor/minister. Just because a person is older or in a higher position of power doesn’t mean you follow them blindly. There is a time to be passive and there is a time to be aggressive. It took me a while to listen to my intuition but when I did, I got rid of some major baggage. Change begins with a decision. Good or bad…

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