Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays 🙂 Im so excited for my first Xmas on the West Coast. Its actually kind of cold here. The expected high in my area is 57 degrees. That’s COLD! Back home on the East Coast the high’s are going to be in the 70’s. Record breaking numbers are expected around the U.S.

We had our heart set on going to the beach this year. Starting a new tradition this year we will be going to the beach and having a bonfire and picnic.

One of our family traditions we have continued here is opening a gift on Christmas Eve. My husband and I have been doing this since our first year being married. This gift I recieved tonight was exactly what I needed. The aromatherapy helps calm my body and mind.

My husband knows that I suffer from migraines and can be sensitive to harsh smells. He carefully and appropriately picked the perfect scent not to initiate a migraine. This two pack combo has a massage body oil & body lotion. Ingredients include eucalyptus and spearmint. The lotion is very light weight and smells so good. Im so excited to add this to my nightly routine as my moisturizer.

Check out what I’m listening to to keep me in the spirit :)🎄

  1. 8 days of Christmas by Destiny’s Child
  2.  All I Want For Christmas by Mariah Carey
  3. Let it Snow by Boys II Men
  4. Sleigh Ride by TLC
  5. This Christmas by Chris Brown

***** The ENTIRE Jackson 5 Christmas Album*****

Remember the reason for this holiday. Be grateful for the life you have and share peace and joy with others.

I would love to hear from you!

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