DIY Marble Racetrack

Pinterest Fail?

It has been extremely hot this week, high’s in the 100’s! So, in an effort to have some fun indoors I looked on Pinterest for some ideas. When I found a picture of a DIY race track I thought an idea using marbles. My son can watch those Youtube videos for hours.

The problem with using Pinterest for inspiration is that most of the time you don’t have the exact materials to replicate the projects. In most cases, I end up improvising. Which is what happened this time 😀

Materials that I used:

1 small cardboard box

4 crayons

4 craft sticks

4 mini clips

Hot glue gun


I have to admit the videos are very entertaining to watch. But he only played with this for about ten minutes and then moved onto something else. Maybe if it was bigger it would have held his concentration longer?!

Have you tried any DIY projects from Pinterest? Let me know below 📌

I would love to hear from you!

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