Playing Sports and Homeschool

This school year my son has played soccer, basketball, nerf dodgeball and some other sports through a sports program for homeschoolers k-12. Each month the kids learn skills and techniques and play on age appropriate teams.

Next month is hand ball…

I’ve played hand ball several times in the past and I know he will enjoy its intensity and fast pace.

We received some information about the sport from our sports program. I thought these would be nice to share.

Field Handball provides a full body workout:  Apart from the aerobic benefit, the fast-paced game of handball helps to build up muscle tone and strength. All of the jumping, turning and throwing the ball means most muscles are getting a vigorous workout.

It also:

  • Increases cardiovascular endurance:  This helps increase the heart rate and boost aerobic endurance.

• Teaches agility: Develops agility of hands and feet, with sudden changes of pace and direction required.

• Improves mental focus and self-confidence: Being successful is 95% mental and 5% physical. Playing field handballwill help to develop both and decisions need to be made quickly.

• Heart healthy: Provides the body with a good cardiovascular workout, feeding more oxygen to the muscles via thebloodstream.

• Calorie and fat burning: A University of Utah study showed field handball to be superior to racquetball in burning calories.

• Develops hand-eye coordination: Learning to anticipate where the ball will end up isn’t easy. Timing and technique are everything.

• Teaches the player to be balanced and agile on both sides of the body: Field handball develops and sustains muscles on both sides of the body because players use both hands. Players will develop coordination and power in their non-dominant, or “off,” hand.

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