My Story

I’m a work-at-home mom, life coach, and blogger. My hubby and I are high school sweethearts. We have each survived tough childhoods and individual limitations with faith and persistence. 

We both sacrificed and worked hard to live a “comfortable” life.  But after buying our first home, we knew something was missing. We weren’t truly happy. The “American Dream” was not OUR dream. We wanted to make a change. 

So, we asked ourselves what’s after marriage, having a kid, & buying a home? 

On New Years Day in 2015, we moved to California. We chose to live an authentic and unrestricted life. We broke free of our personal limitations and decided to experience life through faith by living purposefully. We are currently homeschooling our son full-time and enjoying those unique experiences. My goal is to encourage and inspire others to let go of their limitations and set new life goals. 

Our family motto is Dream. Achieve. & Repeat!

Bookstore Fun

Recently, I went to one of my favorite bookstores. The total duration of the trip was about a half hour.

For most the most part, I am an in and out type of shopper. I like to give myself a time limit along with my budget to make sure of that. Even when thrift shopping, I manage to find what I want and get done quickly. Bookstores are another story. I seem to get lost in these places. I’m not even sure what made me drive over there this week. I just got 14 books from the library! I know- sad.

On this trip, I spent about an hour and a half. I filled up my cart with all the books I was interested in- about 12. My son managed to slip in another handful also.

Even though we homeschool and have our own book collection, we visit the library often. We like to keep a variety of reading books in the house at all times. I don’t buy too many novels or literature books because of that. For non-homeschool books, my typical rules for purchasing are:

  1. Can it be found online for free?
  2. Is it less than $10?
  3. Will it be used for more than one person in the house?
  4. Can it be later gifted to a friend or family member?
  5. Will it actually be read?


Now here comes the fun part. Actually finding a place in my already overflowing bookcase to put these new items. Maybe I’ll DIY one of my dresser’s I bought from a yard sale last year.

Do you have any dollar bookstores where you live? If so, comment below.

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